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Magic URL answers so many needs for car dealers because it was created by a car dealer. Craig Schmitz, TEXTiUM’s Founder and CEO, is a 20+ year new and used car dealer in St. Louis, MO. Knowing how much money dealers spend on acquiring leads, and how much of it is wasted on outdated, inefficient trade value tools, Schmitz put TEXTiUM technology to work to develop a solution

Replacing a car dealer’s current website trade value tool, Magic URL eliminates bad leads generated by outdated form-fills. Instead of trusting shoppers to provide accurate contact information and hoping they make it through the multiple steps, Magic URL makes the process easier and returns an instant KBB or Black Book trade value by text. At the same time, it captures the shopper’s name, vehicle data, and verified mobile phone number and delivers the information to the dealership’s CRM as a real-time lead. This allows the dealer’s staff to instantly follow up with every interested shopper.

Unlike other trade value tools, Magic URL is not confined to a dealership’s website and can be used in all social and digital marketing — as simple as copy-and-paste. It also includes a companion Magic Keyword and local text-to phone number that can be used in any traditional advertising.

Another innovation included with Magic URL is TEXTiUM’s Virtual BDC, an AI-based technology that assists a dealership’s physical sales staff or BDC with automated follow-up text messages to every responder to move them further down the sales funnel. It even reminds those who abandoned the process to finish their valuation request to create additional leads from shoppers traditional trade value tools ignore.

Set-up is easy with no new skills for a dealer’s staff to learn, and the text interactions are 100% automated by TEXTiUM technology. There’s no long-term commitment for the dealer, and the first 30 days are free.

Dealers all across the country are switching to Magic URL, giving them a competitive advantage with a more effective tool to identify in-market shoppers, locate and acquire vehicles for their pre-owned inventory, and sell more cars.

To learn more, text MAGIC to 48498, call 1-833-839-8486, or email us at sales@magicurl.com.

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